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It was much more medication than what the other pharmacies have on their Pharmacy Shelving. I basically spent the rest of my first visit and second visit identifying the expired medication. It allowed me to see the individual medication through my own eyes and it helped me learn faster. On my third day, I was introduce to the out patient pharmacy of the hospital. 

Local pharmacies: These are the pharmacies where you typically know the pharmacists and they know your medical history. This option is high in personalized service and convenience, and high in price. * Mail order and Internet pharmacies: These are similar to The Discount Pharmacy. * Canadian pharmacies: These pharmacies are located in Canada where the cost of drugs is lower than in the U.S.


 A shelf (PL: shelving) is a flat, horizontal plane used for items that are displayed or stored in a home, business, store, or elsewhere. It is raised off the floor and often anchored to a wall, supported on its shorter length sides by brackets, or otherwise anchored to cabinetry by brackets, dowels, screws, or nails. It can also be held up by columns or pillars. A shelf is also known as a counter, ledge, mantel, or rack. Tables designed to be placed against a wall, possibly mounted, are known as console tables, and are similar to individual shelves. 


Let’s find the right solution for you. Here you’ll find a detailed rundown of my services to help you decide on the best choice for you. If you have any questions or aren’t sure what to go for, then please get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.